(T: Roters, Rottenkolber, Frieler,
 M: Frieler)

S:    C#m7   G#m7  | C#m7   G#m7 |
       F#m7    G#m7  | F#m7   H7
R:    Emaj7          |  Am7   Hm7   (3x)
       Am7   Hm7	  

A u f b a u :

2 x S      Intro

4 x S      Strophe 1
1 x R      Refrain

2 x S      Leer
4 x S      Strophe 2
1 x R      Refrain

4 x S      Solo
4 x S      Strophe 3
2 x R      Refrain

Strophe 1:

Well, you know, life is low
when I see fish are jumping in the street
maybe I should do some thoughts on my mind
and forget about everything


Why do I know what I know?
Why do I know what I know?
Where do I go, when I go

Strophe 2:

Yes, I believe I'm just a crazy guy
and I wonder why did it happen this way
couldn't it have happened just the other way round
maybe fish are jumping in the see

Strophe 3:

Reality sucks, don't you know my friend?
And I can tell you, so do I
Schwabidabiduwap, Frank Sinatra died