I really don't know what to do

(T/M: Stephan Roters )

Tempo: 120 bpm

S:     Dmaj7 | Dmaj7  |  A   |  A              
R:     G   A   | H   E      
B:     Dmaj7 | Fmaj7       
A b l a u f:

2 x S    Intro

2 x S    Strophe 1
2 x R    Refrain 

2 x S    Strophe 2
2 x R    Refrain 

4 x B    Solo

2 x S    Strophe 3
2 X R    Refrain 

Strophe 1 

So many things went wrong
So many things and I don't know why
When the bad days were gone away
I thought it meant a Goodbye forever
but I was wrong


I really don't know what to do now

Strophe 2

I didn't expect it could run that way
But what was bad got even worse
Shit happend. Why?
Whish I could switch off stupid bad thoughts
I really have to try and try, 
try so hard

Strophe 3

Shouldn't argue too much
'cos I can't change the past
definitely not
maybe not everything was wrong
I simply have to learn to live my life