I Gonna Die 
(T/M: Klaus Frieler)

Tempo: 75 bpm

Z:     Dm7   | Bbmaj7/#11  |

A:     Dm7   | Bbmaj7/#11  | 
        Gm7   | Asusb9    A    |

B:     Fmaj7 | Em7 | Fmaj7 | Em7 |		
        Fmaj7 | G     | Asus   | A   |

A b l a u f:

2 x Z     Intro

4 x A     Strophe 1
1 x B     Refrain

2 x Z     Leer
4 x A     Strophe 2
1 x B     Refrain		

4 x A     Solo
2 x B     Refrain

Strophe 1

I'm gonna die,
like I never did before,
but now it's coming true 
I see the stars, flying cross the fears on my last and final trip
For me that was it all, the sun, the moon, the pain, the crying for so long
I let pass it on. I say goodbye to you, my dear old friends
Refrain I'm going back beyond the place where I came from
I'm running down the road, where's nowhere more to run
I'm going home and I feel so sorry me
Strophe 2 It got me down I was staring at the walls for so many hours long
I'll let it ring Laying in bed Felt so sad
Now way out, no way on There will be the time when time is gone
I'm gonna die I'm gonna die