How Do You Feel 

(T/M: Roters,Frieler / Frieler )

Tempo: 120 bpm

Z:  Fmaj7    | Dm7   Em7
S:  Fmaj7    | Dm7   
R:  Cmaj7   | Fmaj7   
     Cmaj7    | Fmaj7   
     Cmaj7    | Fmaj7
A u f b a u:

4 x Z   Intro

4 x S   Strophe 1
2 x Z   Leer
4 x S   Strophe 2
1 x R   Refrain

2 x Z   Leer
4 x S   Strophe 3
2 x Z   Leer
4 x S   Strophe 4
1 x R   Refrain

8 x S   Bridge

2 x R   Refrain

Strophe 1 

You never wanted more, 
I couldn't get enough
There was no doubt about
It couldn't last long

Strophe 2 

I met you a the Chinese Garden
The wind was blowing cold
A pale sun was shining for us
such a magic light

How do you feel about me
How do you feel about me
How do you feel about me
Do you?

Strophe 3 

Seemed to be you were made for me
Seemed to be I were made for you
A shy kiss under the tree
and you had to leave

Strophe 4 
We made love night and day
in the shine of a candlelight
our dreams seemed to be fulfilled
no sense of life 

When I woke up you were gone
I looked out of the window, a rain was falling
I  heard the birds out on the tree
burnt down candles everywhere and clothes laid astray

I went to the kitchen, naked as I was
I sat down at the table, I shivered
Got me a coffee, lit a cigarette
And I was wondering, yes wondering